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3TD   3 Tier Cake Pop Display
AWC   Angel Wing Cookies
APP   Apple Cake Pops
AST   Astronaut Cake Pops
BABY   Baby Block Cake Pops
CCP   Baby Chick Pops
BSA   Baby Shower Assortment
BSHH   Baby Shower Cookies Hip Hop
BMCA   Batman Candy Apples
BLNG   Bling Cake Pops
BLING   Bling Sticks
BRIDE   Bride & Groom Cake Pops
CAKE   Cake Ball Cakes
ARRG   Cake Pop Gift Arrangment
CHAR   Character Cake Pops
STRW   Chevron Striped Sticks
CCO   Chocolate Covered Oreos
STANDARD_POPS   Classic Cake Pops
CPD   Custom Cake Pop Display
STAND   Decorated Stands
ELCA   Elmo Candy Apples
ERCP   Engagement Ring Cake Pops
FLW   Flower Cake Pops
4th   Fourth of July Cookies
FRZ   Frozen Cake Pops
GHOST   Ghost Cake Pops
GB   Golf Ball Cake Pops
SPECIALTY   Gourmet Cake Pops
SMCC   Gourmet Mini Cupcakes
GP   Graduation Cake Pops
HALFSTAN   Half Dozen Classic Cake Pop
HCP   Halloween Candy Apples
HPP   Halloween Party Packages
EBOOK   How To Make Cake Pops Like a Professional eBook
IAGBF   It's a Girl Baby Footprint Cake Pops
JACK   Jack-o-Lantern Cake Pops
MINION   Minion Cake Pops
MINN   Minnie Mouse Cake Pops
MUM   Mummy Cake Pops
OWL   Owl Cake Pops
PUMP   Pumpkin Cake Pops
ROSEC   Rosette Rose Sugar Cookies
SPCA   Spiderman Candy Apples
SPCP   St. Patrick's Day Character pops
TTT   Thomas the Train Cake Pops

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