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Frequently Asked Questions
How are the cake pops priced?
 Our pops are priced per dozen. If you want add-ons like sprinkles, Butterfinger toppings, etc. the add-on price is per dozen.  For example, 1 dozen Basic Pops = 19.99 plus 1.50 for sprinkles = 21.49 per dozen.
Can I get a sample?
 We don't offer samples.  However, you can order a dozen or half dozen of the pops in the flavor and design you would like.
Can I get my order delivered?
 Yes.  We deliver orders of $100 or more to the Atlanta Metro and surrounding area for $22.95.  Delivery is free for order of $200 or more.  Anything under $100 will be shipped.
Can I pick up my order?
 No. We are a mail order and delivery bakery only. 
How do I checkout through your website?
 You do not need a PayPal account to checkout.  You can use your credit/debit card through the PayPal site.  
I think the PayPal site asked me for my credit card number twice, why?
Follow each step of the checkout.  The PayPal site asks you for your billing information, followed by asking for your credit card number.  Complete each step to checkout and you will receive a confirmation from TK Cake Pops and PayPal once your checkout is complete. 
How do I download the cake pop ebook?
Once you complete all the checkout steps on our site and PayPal, a link will appear to be redirected back to our site.  Click that link and it will take you directly to your file download page.